My personal principles for how to maintain studying motivation

Well, I had a long break with blogging here but since the place where I study, Haaga-Helia,
has encouraged me alot to be active in social media platfroms It's a perfect time to start blogging again! :) And yes, from now on I will be blogging in english because many of my readers will only understand It and I think that If this page should be called "Uusi Suomi" ("New Finland"), some of us really should start blogging here more in english. Feel free to join my movement. ;) 

Back to the topic: Since many people are wondering that how do I keep my studying motivation so high I decided to share some of my views on that here!

  • 1. Do not compare yourself to others. Just don't do it. Your personal goals are really only yours to consider.

This is one a principle that took It's time for me internalize. People get depressed and stressed always when they start to compare their personal achievement to others, so why you should do It? Look your personal progress only from your individual point of view. If you feel that you have personally made a huge progress with a certain thing, possibly without even getting any credit out of it from the others, be free to feel content about it. For example, if a person who has been living in France says to you that your French pronunciation suck, you should not take it as an personal insult because you started learning It just a couple of months ago, from a scratch.  You are doing great if you feel like putting alot of effort to it already on a beginner level.

  • 2. Keep yourself fit and healthy. Sounds cliche, but It's the way to go.

Many people don't take this seriously and I don't know why. Think about those people who are succeeding with their work, studies or whatever. It's not their "personal trait" to be that productive and energetic. They really do care about their state of health and they put effort on how to improve it. I could not imagine myself studying hard and not exercising + eating healthy regularly simultaneously. People who are complaining about how "studying is too much work" etc. are the persons who really have led their condition to go into that point where they don't care about anything else either. Okay, maybe partying and getting wasted, but that's it. 

  • 3. Balance is the key.

Even according to several psychological researches It is not effective on any level to study 10 hours in a day. Your brain capacity just cannot handle that much information and time used becomes unefficient. Schedule your homeworks and other preparations to be done throughout the week, not a night before the exams. Also, allow yourself to let go. I personally think that If I have a busy scheduled schoolweek ahead that I will work It out as best as I can and then weekend comes as an reward of my hardwork. Great motivation tip. 

  • 4. Don't care about anyone's opinion. Seriously. Work things out your own way.

Okay, of course this is out of the question when you are doing a project work and you have to cope and co-operate with different personalities but now I'm talking about personal assignments and development. It's not only elementary school where people are getting jealous if you are an active and succesful student ("a geek"). It happens in universities too. People reflect themselves to you and they feel unpleasant because they haven't been able to get out of their own issues but you have.

  • 5. Go so deep into the subject that you will get sucked into it. I promise, It happens.Take studies more as personal development than "compulsory hard work".

If I talk about myself personally, this is something that is really helping me out with proceeding my studies. I'm naturally a knowledgethirsty person and I read alot of theoretical content, news etc. during my freetime too, but I this was not my personal trait before I made it to be one. At certain point, I realized that all the information and knowledge I gain is constanly developing me as an individual so I can succeed better in life on many areas. You should not think studies in a way that; "Because I have to", but instead more with a mindset that "This is good for my personal development and I will be thankful to myself after graduating". I don't even take studies as an hard work that much because I think that studying is extremely useful for me as an individual. Also, think about Maslow's theory about  "hierachy of needs". You first have to fullfil basic needs(physiological, safety etc.) to rise those hierarchial steps up to fulfill and achieve needs of an higher consciousness, like  self-development, problem solving and motivation.

  • 6. Studying is not that strict. You don't have to follow the instructions 100% . Just discover the methods that work out the best for you, have faith and identify your personal strenghts to unleash their true potential in most optimal way. :)

No need to explain this. Just go out and do it! ;)

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Käyttäjän HannesV kuva
Hannu Valjakka

Vallan mainion itseriittoinen esitys omasta englanninkielen taidostaan tai ehkäpä puhdas kopio jostakin jota ei ole viitsitty suomentaa.Jotenkin olettaisi,että porvoolaiselta kuitenkin toinenkin kotimainen,siis tää suomenkieli sujuisi.

Käyttäjän jgagarin56 kuva
Juha Kuikka

No, kyllä hän alussa perusteli miksi haluaa kirjoittaa englanniksi. Se on se sukupolvien välinen kuilu. Varsinkin kun nykyään liiketaloustieteen opinnoissa lienee leijonanosa kursseista englanniksi.

Tuon "take studies as an hard work" sisältämä virhe paljastaa, ettei teksti todennäköisesti ole kopioitua, vaan itse luotua.

Mutta blogistille: Kuten huomaat tämä "New Finland" ei sittenkään ehkä ole sopiva foorumi tällaiselle bloggailulle. Jo ensimmäinen kommentoija paljasti sen.

Sinänsä sanoma oli ihan asiaa.

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Antti Alfthan

Kirjoitin ensin jotain palautetta englanniksi, sitten hylkäsin sen.
Haluan rohkaista kaveria kirjoittamaan edelleen, mutta mieluummin äidinkielellään, jolloin ilmaisuvarasto on huikeasti laajempi. Vieraalla kielellä jutusta tulee kankea, asia kärsii. Ei näitä jukolauta lue täällä sellaiset jotka eivät osaa suomea. Kun paikan nimi on Uusi Suomi.

Sanoisin että näin on näreet. (I'd say this is how young spruce trees stand)